The Teen Vogue Print Edition is No More

Teen Vogue is now an online-only publication. Owing to the changing media landscape, and the massive growth of their online platform, Teen Vogue will no longer exist as a print publication. As was originally reported in Business of Fashion, the announcement of this historic change was made on November 2.

It’s only natural that Teen Vogue would change with the times and respond to the way teens get their news. Continuing to produce a print edition of the magazine is a waste of time and resources. It makes much more sense to put more of the attention into creating more content from Teen Vogue’s online platform.

However, it is a little sad that teens won’t have the same experience as previous generations who were able to see their favorite magazines on shelves. But, the changing media landscape has already claimed institutions like Women’s Wear Daily, which has scaled back its daily print editions to only include special editions for events and fashion weeks. So, it seems that going fully digital is the only way fashion publications can survive. But, it seems ironic that an industry based on selling items that are created to be worn and used in the physical world is now being ruled by a virtual delivery system.

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