Rent the Runway Just Got Cheaper!

Rent the Runway is the go-to site for fashionista’s who want to wear their favorite designer brands, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on new pieces. Customers can rent 4 pieces at a time, and either return or buy them at discount when the month is over. RTR gives customers the opportunity to rent a single piece for the price listed on the site, or pay a $159/month subscription fee for unlimited items.

But, now they have a new option that’s an even better deal for budget conscious fashion lovers. This new RTR Update subscription is only $89/month, and allows members to rent 4 items/month. The system works the same way as the unlimited plan, you are free to send the items back or buy them at the end of the month.

This is an amazing deal, but I honestly thought there was no way I could rent clothes through this site. One of the big reasons I never looked into the products on RTR is because I assumed they would stop at size 12. But, I was wrong, they go up to size 22, and of course they have a range of accessory options to top off your look. Of course, there are fewer plus size options from these designers, with most of the options being in the special occasion department, but it’s still nice to know that they actually have fabulous pieces for some of the curvier girls out here.

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